We look forward to welcoming you!

It has been an uncertain time for all of us, but the time has finally come for us to re-open our doors and welcome you to Galilee Centre. We have been preparing to welcome visitors to our serene setting on the Ottawa River. We are confident that in the prayerful environment of Galilee Centre guests can revive their spirit, mind and body in a welcoming tranquil oasis.

We continue to implement safety protocols including mask wearing, sanitizing stations, and extra cleaning. We will update our procedures as the Ontario government approves the move to stage 3 of the reopening plan. To review our Covid-19 policy, please click here.

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to rest in the company of a praying community and to be nurtured in God’s healing presence, consider joining us on our upcoming retreats. 

Growing in Wisdom: Seeking Deeper Generativity

Growing in Wisdom: Seeking Deeper Generativity is an ecumenical program designed for those seeking to engage in their maturing years with wisdom and grace. This is a time in which we can be begin to look back on the life we have lived and find openness to new or previously undeveloped inner vistas. It is … Read More!

Seven-Day Directed Retreat – August 8-14, 2021

August 8 – 14, 2021 Retreat in an environment of silence, as part of a praying community discerning the ways of God through prayer. Each day you will meet with your Spiritual Director to speak of your life and prayer. Your Director will ask questions, give you scripture passages, or suggest other ways to pray. … Read More!

Conversion in the Ordinary: How God Speaks to Us in Our Everyday Lives – August 27-29, 2021

August 27-29, 2021 Dr. David Perrin will direct this retreat focussed on the in-breaking of the mystery of God in our world as revealed in the events of our everyday lives.  God’s personal presence in our lives is a source of great joy.  God’s desire for us is greater than we could ever imagine.  We … Read More!

Passion & Action: Integrating the Inner Life with Justice – October 1-3, 2021

October 1-3, 2021 Perhaps we are witnessing the beginning of a new chapter of social and cultural change. Some of this is gaining momentum through grassroot movements that are understandably energized by compassion, anger, frustration, hope, and desperation. Without these passions would we ever confront injustice? Unfortunately, our feelings can also be too raw and … Read More!