Rates / Bookings

Rates are subject to change. Our preference is for payment by cash or cheque. If paying by Visa or Mastercard, a service fee will apply.

Day Retreats are designed to promote a day of rest and renewal. Guests will have the use of a private room, coffee breaks, lunch and access to Galilee’s grounds. The cost for a Day Retreat is $37.75.


Overnight Accommodations

1 Night
$66.50 single room, $88.00 double room
2 to 6 Nights
$61.50 single room, $84.00 double room
7 or More Nights
$55.50 single room, $78.00 double room

Conference Rooms

For groups staying overnight the conference room fee is $15.00 per person per day.  If your group is staying 2 or more nights, this fee is waived.

Day Option:  $37.75 per person.
Includes:  conference room and 2 refreshment breaks and Lunch.
Part Day:  $11.00 per person. (morning, afternoon or evening)
Includes:  conference room and 1 refreshment break
Conference Room Only:  $15.00 per person per day or $7.50 per person per half day. (morning and/or afternoon)
Includes:  conference room only
Commuter Fee:  $15.00 per person per day, even if the rest of the group is staying for  2 or more days.


Meals are served buffet style for $45.00 a day per person.
$9.50 for Breakfast, $15.75 for Lunch and $19.75 for Dinner.

Refreshment Breaks are $3.50 per person and consist of tea/coffee, a platter of homemade cookies/muffins or loaf breads as well as a bowl of whole fresh fruit (Apples, Oranges & Bananas).

We also provide an array of snack trays.  Please contact us for more information on selection.