Rates / Bookings

Rates are subject to change. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit, credit, or Android or Apple Pay.  If paying by debit, credit, Android or Apple Pay, a service fee will apply.

Day Retreats are designed to promote a day of rest and renewal. Guests will have the use of a private room, unlimited coffee/tea, lunch and access to Galilee’s grounds. The cost for a Day Retreat is $55.80.

Overnight Accommodations

1 Night
$76.60 single room, $100.85 double room
2 to 6 Nights
$70.85 single room, $94.50 double room
7 or More Nights
$63.85 single room, $88.75 double room

Sabbatical Space

5-6 Nights

$75.85 single room per night, $99.50 double room per night

7 or more Nights

$68.85 single room per night, $93.75 double room per night

Conference Rooms

For groups staying overnight the conference room fee is $18.70 per person per day.  If your group is staying 2 or more nights, this fee is waived.

Day Option:  $36.30 per person.
Includes:  conference room, Lunch, and unlimited coffee/tea.
Part Day:  $9.35 per person. (morning, afternoon or evening)
Includes:  conference room and unlimited coffee/tea.
Conference Room Only:  $18.70 per person per day or $9.35 per person per half day. (morning and/or afternoon)
Includes:  conference room and unlimited coffee/tea
Commuter Fee:  $18.70 per person per day, even if the rest of the group is staying for  2 or more days.


Meals are served buffet style for $50.50 a day per person.
$10.50 for Breakfast, $17.50 for Lunch and $22.50 for Dinner.

We no longer offer Refreshment Breaks - unlimited coffee/tea is included with all stays.  If you would like to order one our refreshment trays, please contact us for more information on selection and pricing.

Firewood for Fireplace or Firepit

We use clean-burning logs at Galilee Centre.  If you would like a fire in the fireplace or firepit, you must arrange this with us.  Logs are $5 each.

We do allow guests to bring their own logs for the firepit, but they are solely responsible for any injury or damage caused by the logs they supply.

Only the clean-burning logs provided by Galilee Centre can be used in the fireplace.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this policy.