Spirituality Statement


Galilee Centre is rooted in Catholic tradition. As a mission of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, OMI Lacombe Canada, it is an inclusive Spiritual Life Centre which embraces the direction of Vatican II regarding Ecumenism and Non-Christian Religions.


Galilee understands that spirituality cuts across all cultures and spiritual traditions that enlighten the mind, nourish the spirit, and challenge the conscience so as to serve the cause of unity and peace in the wider world.

Spirituality is central to human growth and maturation in all areas of life. The spiritual journey is the heartbeat of humanity, the most primal calling of the heart, and the song of the soul echoing the truth that resides within all persons who are the dwelling places of the sacred and reflect the sacred in the way one prays, the way one worships and the way one lives.

Spirituality is about the experience, at the core of one’s being, of truth, power, and desire. It is the energy within persons that shape a person’s actions and ultimately a person’s life into a meaningful whole.

A genuine spirituality achieves “the gardener’s point of view”: nurturers the divine presence “sacred” in oneself; acts conscious of being the embodiment of that divine presence for others; nurtures and respects that divine presence in others; commits oneself to work with others for the sake of making that presence more visible in our social and economic structures; and respects and nurtures the way that presence permeates all of creation.


Revised: Oct. 2016