(0) Using Internal Button Templates

Below you can see a sample button that goes to nowhere.


A schedule is available for viewing. View Schedule


I have broken this down into segments and explained each. You will need all of them for this to work, but should have at least a basic idea of how it works so that you know what to look for if something breaks.

Due to technical limitations, the breakdown section includes an extra space between the contents of the < and > symbols. This space should be ignored and only the code in the Template section should be used.


The < p > and < /p > denote the beginning and end of a paragraph or new line. This will have the text and the button on the same line in the post. You can have text before and after the button, if you so choose.

The < a > and < /a > denote the beginning and end of an Anchor or Link. There are a few attributes of the link that we are setting after the beginning and these are important.

The part that contains the segment class="Gal-Button" does all of the styling work for us. This is based on a button template we made to speed up this process. It is case-sensitive, and must contain the capital G and B.

The href="XXX" segment tells the link where to go. Simply replace the XXX inside the quotes with the URL of the file or location you wish to have the button go, and it will.

The target="_blank" segment tells the link to open a new tab instead of the current window.

The rel="noopener noreferrer" segment contains some instructions that tell browsers how to handle the opening of the link. It’s not really important to understand this segment, only that it’s needed as a best-practices measure these days for reasons both too long and too complex to get into.

At the end of the final segment there is a final > that ends the first part of the Anchor or Link. Following this, you can place the text that will appear on the button. Everything between the > and the < /a > segment will appear on the button.


Use the below code to create a new button. If this appears as a button and text, please open this in the editor.

A schedule is available for viewing. View Schedule

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