Unending Pull of Love – May 10 – 12, 2019

May 10th (Registration at 4 pm) to 12th (11 am), 2019

The Endless Pull of Love: The second half of life is often marked by us asking ourselves, “Is there more to life?”  We have worked, raised families, enjoyed success, endured failures, suffered losses and now we sense a yearning for something more.  Yet too often we don’t realize or never hear that there is more to our second half of life.  As we age we may be surprised to encounter the promise of more life, a new sense of freedom, wholeness and deeper love.  This retreat invites you to draw aside with fellow pilgrims for a time of enrichment and community, through story, contemplative practices, literature, music, and nature so as to raise your questions and yearnings for a fruitful way of being as we age.  We hope to create a space for us to listen together so we may become the wise folks we are summoned to be today.  We hope you are willing to risk this remarkable journey!

Drawing us forth into deeper life energy as we age is a beautiful promise of creation.

In our yearning for more of life, in the face of many real fears of aging, of diminishments and of being alone can prevent us from seeing the depths of potential, and the boundless love within ourselves to be poured out for all of creation, for all our neighbours.

Maureen McDonnell will be facilitating this program.

Cost: Single $210, Double $180, Commuter $150 CDN – $100 deposit required with registration.

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