Thanksgiving: The Prayer That Transforms Living: October 5 – 7, 2018

The more grateful we become, the deeper and faster we get healed.  In a healthy marriage when talking about one’s spouse, positive comments will outnumber negative comments five to one.  How much we spontaneously give thanks is not only the key to a healthy marriage but also to health of body (optimists live longer than pessimists) and spirit (opens us up to God’s gifts and is the key to discerning God’s will).  This retreat will focus on expanding our capacity for gratitude and on healing our hurts so that days of anxious living transform into a lifetime of healthy thanksliving.

Father Matthew Linn, S.J. has focused on integrating physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  He currently lives in a Jesuit community in Minneapolis where he trains spiritual directors at Sacred Ground.  Member of the Association of Christian Therapists, with graduate degrees in sociology, anthropology, spirituality and theology, Matt Linn, S.J. (with Dennis and Sheila Linn) has written 22 books translated into over 20 languages and he has given retreats in over 60 countries.

Cost:  Private – $310, Double – $290, Commuter – $210

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