Interfaith Christian Women’s Fellowship

About Interfaith Christian Women's Fellowship

Women from the Upper Ottawa Valley began meeting for a period of springtime fellowship more than 30 years ago. The program allows time to relax, share laughter and song, meet new and old friends and to learn more about some aspect of living a Christian life. Women of all ages are welcome, the structure is informal, the meals nourishing and delicious, and the fellowship continuous throughout the weekend.

The Galilee Centre, anchored by its Georgian style house with the addition of modern facilities, is a perfect place for communities large and small to come together.
Just walking among the giant trees in the grounds brings tranquility to your soul. There is a strong spiritual aura there.
M. Barry

I have felt comfortable, welcomed, relaxed and refreshed while at both of the retreats I’ve made with this group, and I look forward to future retreats. Each time gives me renewed fervour and understanding of “Faith” and all its Blessings. It is also a re-affirmation of how well warm and fervent Christians interact with each other, in prayerful reflection, and as a general rule, in Faith and in Fun.
D. McDonald

What I found at the Galilee Centre were women who welcomed me with open arms.
No one was preaching to me, that was what I was afraid of. The accommodations were reminiscent of an old college dorm and food was super delicious. I have gone now for two years and am looking forward to my third year.
L. Deschamps