Friends of Galilee Handbook APPENDIX A

Volunteer Opportunities include the following categories:


You will be a passionate supporter of Galilee Centre, familiar with its Mission, Vision and Values and able to communicate these to the community at large, to community and faith groups, and through various media modes.  You will be oriented by Galilee’s Volunteer Coordinator who will answer your questions and maintain your contact and vulnerable sector check information in a secure and confidential manner. You will work under the leadership of the Executive Director and be trained and guided by a Galilee staff member whenever you are volunteering here.

Dining Room Servers 

You will serve meals to guests in the dining room.  You would be responsible for setting the tables in the dining room in advance of the meals, welcoming the guests to the dining room, serving the meals, clearing the tables after the meal, and generally tidying up in the dining room after the guests have left.  Assistance is needed for each of the three daily meals and would involve about 90 minutes for each meal.  You would be scheduled in advance for one or more of the meals when groups are at the Centre.  Work would frequently be on weekends.  Advance training will be provided.


You will be available to welcome groups as they arrive at the Centre, provide them with room keys, show them to their rooms and provide general information and assistance as required.  You may be asked to be available for blocks of time on weekends when fewer staff members are on site to deal with general inquiries, information, and assistance.  Advance training will be provided.


You will be available to provide minor repair and maintenance around the Centre and the grounds.  A schedule will be worked out between you and the Centre staff, eg. one morning per week.  Tasks to be performed will be provided to you in advance.  Materials will be provided by the Centre.


Galilee Centre relies on a bank of photos to use in its promotional materials.  These include seasonal photos of the grounds and buildings and of activities taking place at the Centre.  Some of the work can be done on your own schedule.  Other work will be to photograph activities at the time they are taking place.

Flower Gardening 

Galilee Centre has a number of flower gardens around the property. You, on your own or with a group, will be assigned one of the flower beds to plant, care for over the summer, and clean up in the fall.  Materials and equipment will be provided by the Centre.


This will involve different writing tasks including promotional materials fro brochures, advertising inserts in publications and on the website/Facebook, articles for the newsletter, letters of appreciation to donors, etc.  You may be interested in working in any of these areas or just one or two.  Most of the work would be completed at home, on you own schedule, within the deadline set by the Centre.

Office Support

You will schedule a block of time each week (eg 2-3 hours) to assist with administrative work of the Centre.

Data Entry

You will be involved in keeping our database current, adding new entries and modifying existing entries.


You will be responsible for organizing and tidying bookshelves in the library and in Martha’s Cottage.  You also will be responsible for minor repairs of the books, and some culling under the direction of the Chaplain.

Cleanup Days

These work days are held in the spring and fall.  They concentrate on exterior work.  Tasks include grounds cleanup, minor tree maintenance, window washing, small painting jobs, removing/installing storm windows, etc.


Do you have experience in marketing?  Do you have a marketing background?  Galilee Centre could use your expertise to promote the Centre, its programs, and its other activities.  The leadership would be interested in talking with you about how we could work together.

Special Events

You will be assisting with the preparation for and hosting of special events at the Centre.  The time commitment and possible duties will vary with the event.  You will be contacted well in advance of the event, at which time you will be advised of the time commitment, the range of tasks to be done and your availability determined.