Meals are served buffet style for $50.50 a day per person.

$10.50 for Breakfast, $17.50 for Lunch and $22.50 for Dinner.

All stays at Galilee Centre include unlimited tea/coffee. We also provide an array of snack trays, and a bowl of whole fresh fruit (Apples, Oranges & Bananas). Please contact us for more information on selection.

We also host special events, such as Christmas and corporate parties. A special menu meal is $32.25 per person buffet style or $42.75 per person served. Please contact us to review our special events menu or to book your event.


Dietary Restrictions

We make every effort, with sufficient notice, to accommodate our guests’ dietary limitations on a group basis.  We provide a variety of healthy choices to satisfy the tastes of the majority of people.  There may be circumstances under which guests will need to bring their own food.