Covid-19 Preparedness and Policy

Dear Facilitators and Friends,

How the COVID 19 pandemic will develop in our region is not clear. As a Centre serving as a gathering and meeting place for communities of peoples, we are reviewing our processes, procedures and policies. Below are our immediate processes in place:

  1. Internal protocols to mitigate the spread of infection:
    1. Current cleaning and sanitizing protocols will be supplemented by generous availability of hand sanitizers in common meeting places.
    2. Extra care will be taken in the kitchen with hand washing.
    3. Particular care will be given to disinfect common items such as railings, door knobs, flat surfaces.
  2. Responding to retreats and events interruption:
    1. If Galilee Centre needs to cancel, we will reimburse deposits.
  3. As of March 16th 2020, Galilee Centre is officially until April 5th 2020.

We will continue to monitor the situation with our local Health Authority and make adjustments accordingly, and will update our site as needed.

Michelle Reis-Amores
Executive Director, Galilee Centre