Ottawa Pathwork Presents: An Early Winter Retreat – Cultivating Stillness – December 3-9, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times and the draw to “do something” in response, is strong. But what if… instead you were to stop?

These days I often ask myself, and now I ask you: What would my life look like, what would your life look like, what might the world look like if we finally got to that place of being deeply rested and deeply restored? What kind of world might we be able to create from this very new place?

From silence and stillness, from deep listening, we can re-set our habitual ways of responding to life; we can show up differently; we can be a source of renewed wisdom, grounded-ness, and more spirit centred – something our world desperately needs right now.  Is This Retreat for You?

Do you feel a need for stillness, for silence, but find it hard to make happen on your own?

Does even the thought of all the “stillness and quiet” make you a bit or a lot uncomfortable?

Support for going into silence and stillness and the companionship of others, can help you hone your capacity for going inward.  Facilitated by Madeline Dietrich M.A.  I have spent 25 years of my professional life as a somatic therapist (support to live in your body), a mental health counsellor and now as a spiritual teacher, facilitator and counsellor holding space for individuals and groups to heal and grow –  mentally, emotionally and spiritually levels. 

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